About Us


About Us

KEYSTONE DESIGN STUDIOS is a multidisciplinary Architecture, Interior design and Planning Firm Started in 2015.

Our firm name has been inspired from the keystone which is the most important stone, and that’s why this word is also used figuratively to mean the most important part of building making

The firm works at multiple scales and with various organizations right from private clients to corporates. This allows for experiment and diversify the work.

KEYSTONE DESIGN STUDIOS believes good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Attention to Detail, Proportions and Scale, together with common sense ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept. Past and current projects include Commercial, Residential, Health clubs, Spas and Salons, Hospitality, Retail, High end residential interior projects.

Extensive use of sketching and computer Modelling, which is done in-house, helps the clients to visualize their project in the best possible manner.

Studio is headed by Kaavya Reddy Anam. She got her Bachelors in Architecture from CSIIT in 2009. Worked with award laurel architects in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, close to 10 year . Ar. Soumitro gosh from MGApl Bangalore and Ar. Nanda kumar from Nandu associates , Hyderabad have been her mentors in her career. Exploring new technologies and cost effective materials has been her passion. Her Extensive Travelling has opened a window for her exploration in heritage technologies to Latest traditions.